Sunday, June 4, 2017

Small Bites has it's own blog

Small Bites is all about communications - us communicating with you and you communicating with us.  But the Sounding Board is not that.  It’s about discussing things what GMs and world builders run into and what other folks have done about it.  It’s about sparking ideas in each other, and not about how Small Bites is going to work.  So we’re going to slow down the discussions of Small Bites issues on the Sounding Board and move them to the blog site on the World of Fletnern wiki.  Click here to get there.

We really do want your opinion on this stuff!  Raised in the Midwest, I’m bluntly honest about way too much, and I really want folks to be bluntly honest with me.  Polite (hopefully) but still honest.  The whole point of Small Bites to insure that what Board Enterprises is producing is the stuff that you really want for your games and your game worlds.  Help us build the perfect content for you!

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